Here are three awesome resources you might want to consider adding to your content marketing toolbox.

1. BuzzSumo 

BuzzSumo is a platform for discovering the content people are engaging with and where. It is designed to help you discover what content your audience will find helpful and engaging and discover new opportunities to connect with those who will share it with you.

See screenshot below:

The pink highlight is where you enter your search term…the yellow offers you search options and the orange highlight shows you shares for the listed item to the left on each social media channel and then total shares.

This tool does so much more, but if you’re stuck building your content calendar and need ideas, Buzzsumo is a great place to begin!

2. GoAnimate 

Everyone wants to be able to share more video content, but time, resources, etc. make this a challenge for companies of all sizes. GoAnimate is the answer!

GoAnimate is an inexpensive, easy and fun way to add more video to your inbound efforts. Instead of giving you the down-low, I will let one of their videos do the talking…check it out!

3. Easelly 

There are a million statistics to support how compelling visuals increase shares across content marketing channels, and here’s a link to a great article with some numbers if that’s your thing.

But when I’m not busy building brand communities, I’ve been known to have a camera on my face, so to me it just makes sense. Compelling images tell a story quickly and effectively and most of us would rather look at an infographic than read a whitepaper any day. Easelly is a great tool for creating cool infographics and it is TOTALLY FREE. You can start from scratch using enumerable tools and resources or use one of their templates [see below] adapting colors, sizes and texts.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve found something here that will help you up your content marketing game.