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Get Your Technology On

Here’s a quick and dirty list of tech-ish things [apps, links, plugins and general nerdy goodness] I discovered this week.  Get your technology on, yo.

Sketchboard — A visual sketch collaboration tool (that integrates with Slack!) for teams to sketch together in real-time. It is like a chat, but you solve problems visually like using a whiteboard. Awesome.

Inspr— Visually mock up an app design idea on your iPhone and share it with friends.

Narro— This app creates a podcast from the stuff you meant to read this week but didn’t. Cut and paste a link, and wah-lah…a nice lady voice reads your articles to you while you walk or drive.

Nuzzel — Make sure to stay on top of what people in your network are sharing on social media with Nuzzel. Especially cool if you use lists to organize your social media connections, Nuzzel makes it easy to know what matters to your networks.

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Did you hear that winter’s over? The basil
and the carnations cannot control their

laughter. The nightingale, back from his
wandering, has been made singing master

over the birds. The trees reach out their
congratulations. The soul goes dancing

through the king’s doorway. Anemones blush
because they have seen the rose naked.

Spring, the only fair judge, walks in the
courtroom, and several December thieves steal

away, Last year’s miracles will soon be
forgotten. New creatures whirl in from non-

existence, galaxies scattered around their
feet. Have you met them? Do you hear the

bud of Jesus crooning in the cradle? A single
narcissus flower has been appointed Inspector

of Kingdoms. A feast is set. Listen: the
wind is pouring wine! Love used to hide

inside images: no more! The orchard hangs
out its lanterns. The dead come stumbling by

in shrouds. Nothing can stay bound or be
imprisoned. You say, “End this poem here,

and wait for what’s next.” I will. Poems
are rough notations for the music we are.


seeing sara b.

Went to see Sara Bareilles Sunday night with my friend Jenn, her hubby Brian and friend, Nicolette.  Had some dinner at Free State Brewery and then took in the concert next door at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS.   Cary Brothers opened for Sara and he was warm, funny and really connected with the audience.  His performance was spot on and set the stage perfectly for Sara.   I wanted to write a detailed post befitting the performances of the evening, but I don’t have the words.  It was just what live music should be.  It captured every single person in the room.   Baby grand piano, string bass, stellar musicians in her band combined with her Sara-ness just made it a night to remember.  If you haven’t purchased Kaleidoscope Heart yet, go do it.  It is an album to enjoy over and over from start to finish.  Not just a bunch of singles.  Sara is a real musician and a gifted performer.   Her love for her art is apparent throughout and it was just. so. awesome.  What a great night!!  A highlight was a Radiohead cover they did together Nice Dream.  Good stuff.

Erika and Tim

This is my friend Erika and her husband Tim.  I took these pictures for them last weekend as a one year anniversary present.  Click on the photo to see the rest of the set.


I did a photo shoot with some cousins yesterday and they were little troopers despite the oppressive heat.  Aren’t they gorgeous?   They are really beautiful, happy kids and were so fun to play with.  Dylan, Ethan and Kate…you guys were too fun.  Thanks for letting me play with you.  I loved it.

stay inspired, kh

Recently read Don Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and I still can’t really express how great it is…it is probably on my top ten book list, and I read a lot of books.  I have written this post three or four times trying to figure out what I want to say about it and I think I am just not ready to talk about it.  I just don’t have the words.  But I have wanted to share it, to encourage you to read it. When I ran into this photo I decided it must be a sign.  So check it out.  And you can read some of Don’s other stories on his blog here. He is a master storyteller and his book is working on me.

Practicing Art

Confession time: I have a hard time practicing anything. I want to do it perfectly the first time and would rather not start if I am going to be bad at something. Case and point, learning to knit. I threw away the first ball of yarn and knitting needles that I bought to learn to knit because they made me angry. I eventually calmed down, bought some new needles and yarn went to the library and checked out a stack of learn to knit books and taught myself to knit. I wasn’t going to let knitting beat me. I tackled the knitting problem the way I do all of my problems. More information. And before I knew it I was knitting. But I will admit, it wasn’t fun for a while. And it wasn’t good for my soul for a while longer. What was immediately gratifying was teaching my friends. My dear friend lost her son in a terrible accident a month after I taught her to knit. She says knitting and her friends saved her life during that time. That felt really good.

Art is healing. It is a way to express without words what would otherwise go unsaid. So I would add to Vonnegut’s idea…practice AND share your art. Your soul won’t be able to help but grow.

One way I am hoping to share my photography is through help_portrait. Help Portrait is a movement of photographers [at all skill levels] who are using their time, equipment and expertise to give back to those who are less fortunate this holiday season.  Follow the link to learn more about how you can be involved or watch my blog for updates.

share your art.

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