I love Penelope Trunk and I owe her a thank you note.

female_job_seekerI will work on that, but if you don’t know who she is or why she is important for you to know as a professional, and in my opinion, as a human being, click on her name up there and check her out.  Her wisdom and work have helped me define, redefine and get to the nitty gritty of discovering what I was made to do, and how I might make a living doing it.  She is the boss of Startup Life, Queen of Knowing When to Make a Move, and Goddess of Leaving a Legacy Instead of Quitting When it Gets Hard.  She’s got guts and I want to be her friend.

Much of what I learned from Penelope originally came to me through the Brazen Careerist blog, Brazen Careerist being one of her very successful start-ups.

When Brazen Careerist took off, it quickly became the go-to place for Gen-Yers and everyone who employed them, wrote about them and studied them, to get a clue about how they work and live.  Brazen Careerist has evolved into an incredible resource for businesses who need help figuring out GenY when it comes to work and if I owned a business, they would be on my list of companies to follow.

Check out this BC blog post from the Young Entrepreneur Council I read this morning.  It covers 12 Networking Tips That Will Help You Make High-Quality Connections.  This is really great advice.  I will be following it.  If you are a new grad looking for a job this summer, you will want to follow it, too.

And now I’ll be heading over to read what Penelope is up to…I bet it’s good.  Have a great Wednesday.

P.S. Penelope’s latest startup is Qusitic.  If I weren’t unemployed and looking for my next gig, and therefore, broke, I would be signing up for an eCourse.  I am sure it would be more than worth the investment.