definition-of-negotiation-Google-SearchNegotiation. Ugh.  The word itself just makes me tired.  I have never been good at negotiating.  When I went to China, my travel mates shook their heads at me in disgust at my inability to bargain.  By the end of the trip they refused to shop near me.  For some reason I never have been good at the art of negotiation, so in an effort to improve, I have been doing some reading.

This article by Drake Baer via Inc. Magazine  offers some great insights into the psychology of negotiation and how to make it less scary.  Because here’s the thing: like almost everything hard in life, mastering the art of negotiation is about having courage.  Courage to make the first move.  Courage for your wants and needs to be revealed.  Courage to face rejection.  Hard stuff.   For me, finding the courage to make a move means having a strategy.  If that’s you too, check out this article and arm yourself  for your next negotiation.

Now I can’t get Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler out of my head.