Here’s a quick and dirty list of tech-ish things [apps, links, plugins and general nerdy goodness] I discovered this week.  Get your technology on, yo.

Sketchboard — A visual sketch collaboration tool (that integrates with Slack!) for teams to sketch together in real-time. It is like a chat, but you solve problems visually like using a whiteboard. Awesome.

Inspr— Visually mock up an app design idea on your iPhone and share it with friends.

Narro— This app creates a podcast from the stuff you meant to read this week but didn’t. Cut and paste a link, and wah-lah…a nice lady voice reads your articles to you while you walk or drive.

Nuzzel — Make sure to stay on top of what people in your network are sharing on social media with Nuzzel. Especially cool if you use lists to organize your social media connections, Nuzzel makes it easy to know what matters to your networks.

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